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The V–Notch Ball Valve gives non-clogging,high capacity, straight through flow control of fluids containing pulp and paper stock or slurries and fluids containing suspended solids or fibrous materials.

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Globe 2 Way - 110

This type of Valve with its classic globe body shape, which reflects its name, uses the variable area generated between the plug and seat to control fluid flow. It is very versatile offering reduced trim options as well as a variety of special trims for severe high pressure drop applications.

This style of valve is easily adapted for use on cryogenic tempetatures and for high temperature duties. This valve is preferred for tight shut – off, positioning accuracy, high rangeability and simplified maintenance, satisfy the majority of control valve applications throughout the process and power industries in control of Air, Steam, Water, Gas, Chemicals etc.

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Teflon Lined Globe 2-Way-117

This type of valve is used extensively in the applicatons involving severely corrosive and toxic flowing media. Within its pressure limitations, this type of valve may be applied to most media. The Teflon lined body design provides an economical alternative to alloy valve bodies in wide variety of applications. The Teflon lined globe valve body has carbon or glass filled PTFE trim parts, push down to close action and positive shutoff.

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Butterfly Valve design is the most common type of rotary valve and provides low weight to Cv Ratio Combined with simplicity of design and comparatively low cost. It is simple device to control or block the Flow, a single vane or wafer disc pivots in the valve Body and find wide application for throttling or two Position control in the chemical, paper & pulp, sugar Industries, cooling water circulation, water treatment Plants, compressed air, gas plant, flue gas desulphurization plants etc.

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Complete catlouge of Control Valves and Accessories

The present Directors, having a collective experience of over four decades in CONTROL VALVE TECHNOLOGY, establish PNEUCON in 1996. The company is engaged in the Design, Development and Manufacture of a comprehensive range of Control Valves, for all Process, Power Generation and associted industries. The company has the engineering and technical expertise together with the facilities to address the diverse automation demands of the modem process industries. Standard, Special and Customised Control Valves are all available on demand for use in a wide range of applications and industries.

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