Sight Flow Indicator

Sight Flow Indicators

SPINK CONTROLS make Sight Flow Indicators which are most commonly used for monitoring liquid flow in pipelines without compromising the integrity of the piping system. Visual observation and supervision of the process flow stream are two of the main concerns. Single / double window constructions, Sight Flow Indicators are available in various figures & material. CS / SS made bodies with Toughened borosilicate Glass Windows and standard units in flanged / threaded connections provide immunity at higher temperature & pressures. These offer a quick, reliable and inexpensive way to affirm flow rate and direction, and monitor color and clarity in fluid lines.

Technical Specification

  • ➩ Service : Compatible gases and liquids.
  • ➩ Wetted Materials Window: tempered glass; Body: carbon steel or 316 SS; Gasket: Buna-N, fluoroelastomer or PTFE;
  • ➩ MOC : M.S./ S.S./P.P/PTFE Lined in FABRICATED OR IC
  • ➩ Type : Glass Window Liquid Flow Indication
  • ➩ Temperature : 350°C
  • ➩ Pressure : up to 70 Kg/cm2 other on your request
  • ➩ Line Size : Up to 14 Inches (350 mm) other size is Customize
  • ➩ Glass : Toughened Glass
  • ➩ Version : Double / Single Window Viewing
  • ➩ Connection : Flanged / Threaded.

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